Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A bevy of wild west girls

A bevy of wild west girls

This most excellent postcard, a reprint of an old rodeo-type poster, came to me from my favorite sendsomething user in Wyoming.

Cowboy stamps for a cowboy postcard

She even kept the stamps all-cowboy: traces of Buffalo Bill Cody on both sides. Yee-haw!


  1. I think I know who this correspondent is =3
    I should photograph my awesome western-y mail also (I'm getting rusty, ugh)

  2. Oh! wow! I love the wild west postcard you received! Anyone know where one can buy a postcard like that one on-line?
    It is so hard to find postcards like that even where I live in the wild west.
    ......and I love the stamps that were added to the theme!