Monday, October 25, 2010

Siamese Batcat!

FI-790942: Siamese Batcats!

This has to be one of the best Postcrossing postcards I've ever received. It's a Siamese Batcat! Wow. I was pretty amazed by this one, which came from Finland. The artist is Linda Peltola, and though I've perused her site and her Zazzle shop, I can't find this particular wonderful design.

Linda Peltola's "Siamese Batcat" postcard

It's so cool when someone reads your profile and sends you something really fantastic. I mean, we all know the Siamese Batcat would not be for everyone, but it certainly made my day!


  1. I love it! And, yes it very cool when someone reads your profile. This one from Israel made my day because it has one of my favorite themes, honey. AND the sender wrote a delightful message about the tradition of honey on New Year's. I love postcards with more than "happy Postcrossing."

  2. I really enjoy that different people love different things... I always read the profile and try to send the person something I think they'll like. But if there's not much info in the profile then I'm inclined (these days) to send something a bit crazy and different.

    Love the Siamese Batcat!

  3. wow you get such uber cute cards and letters . very cheerful .

  4. I found a link showing the card, but the site isn't written in English.


  5. Thanks for the link, Patty! Google Translate makes the page very readable. Hmm... is it worth international shipping...