Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finnish funny vegetable stamps

Finnish stamp

I have fallen in love with Finland because of its mail enthusiasm. So many Finnish postcrossers, great love of and dedication to mail there... am I generalizing? Probably, but one cannot deny that Finland releases some incredibly cool stamps! This one came from the Funny vegetable series, a set of blank vegetable stamps that comes with little face stickers to be attached separately, so you can make faces on your stamps. What a sense of humor! I was delighted to see this one in my mailbox, on an envelope from a postcrosser. (Please forgive the little red wine stain there. I am dangerous around my own mail.)


  1. These are really cool! The Finnish post office (the link above) lets you order on-line AND they will ship overseas! €6 (6 €1 stamps + a sheet with a generous assortment of eyes, noses, etc ...).

    I want! Though my wide says she'll get me a Mr. PotatoHead instead.

  2. I have never seen interactive postage before! That is so nifty!

  3. That is very cool! Our post office should take some ideas from Finland.

  4. Oh, this is fun to see! The Royal Mail produced a similar series about 7 years ago and I couldn't get enough of them, they decorated everything that went out!
    (I found some examples here:

  5. I'm in love with Finland, too. Cool stamps, cool design aesthetic in general. And they are such amazing PostCrossers! These stamps are soo sweet. Thanks for posting about them.

  6. Very cool! I've never seen that before.

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