Saturday, November 6, 2010

Have you ever wanted to mail a letter from an airport?

Vintage airmail label

I know I have. I am often eager to mail things from airports, be they postcards or letters... either because I want that area's postmark, or because I've been writing letters and postcards in airports and on airplanes while traveling.

But airport mailboxes can be really hard to find! And sometimes the airport personnel don't even know where the mailbox is, or even that there is one on the premises.

Now, letter-writing friends, we have a new resource to aid us in our travels! Meet

I just learned about from today's post on The Letter Writers Alliance website (where, for mysterious typepad reasons I don't understand, I am somehow unable to comment today). Isn't this fabulous??

I just looked up mailbox locations for two airports through which I've traveled before, where airport staff have told me there is no mailbox - HA! Now I know there is! I also just submitted the airport information for my local airport. Traveling letter-writers and postcard-senders, rejoice! (And, if you can, submit info for any airports with which you're familiar, to aid other postal travelers.)

Here's to 21st century air mail...


  1. Thanks for this post. I have been told many times that there aren't postboxes in airports. Security and all. Now I know there are and how to find them. Thanks so much.

  2. I have had the same experience so am glad to see I was not alone!

  3. this is great! i'm always searching for a mailbox inside or outside airport terminals b/c i'm sure they all have them, but can rarely find them. of course, airport staff being as helpful as they are, are no help!

  4. Oh my gosh!! There are mailboxes in the airports?!?!?!?! That is amazing!! I had no idea... I never thought about that before. :)

  5. There weren't mailboxes in the airport right after the whole Unabomber thing. Then suddenly they were back. They are always helpful when I have a stack of postcards that I didn't manage to send out on the trip so I was writing them on the plane. Also he is the reason we can't put packages of a certain size in the mailbox so we have to hand deliver it to a post office. :(

  6. I've always liked going to the local airport cafe (groundside, of course) to think, draw, and people-watch. Now that I do some Postcrossing, that's been added to my list of things to do there.

    On rainy days I'll bring my daughter with me and let her play in the play area while I write Postcrossing cards to mail out from the letters-only mailbox they have there. I've had at least one person comment on how cool it was to get a postcard from the airport.