Sunday, November 28, 2010

Send me a million postcards (the website project)

My offering to

Somewhere, through someone else's mail or postcard blog, I saw a link to Hmmm. Interesting. So of course I had to send one.

And, of course: WHY?

Of course I wondered why the mysterious postcard collector was undertaking such a project, as I didn't find that really explained on the website... and felt the question was better underscored and outlined in glitter. (What isn't?)

My offering to, front

The postcard front isn't terribly exciting, but a cool billboard message from John Lennon in NYC, so since someone will ask, there you see it.

The curator must have agreed that my decorated side was more interesting than the front, since that is what got uploaded to the site.

Check out Send me a million postcards if you're looking for a place to send a postcard. As of this writing, the mysterious postcard collector has only received 295 postcards, so there are still 999,705 to go! I did get a response, which I will eventually post... someday.