Monday, November 29, 2010

My stationery is not stationary swap envelope

decorated swap envelope

Way back in July, I participated in a wonderful Swap-bot swap called My Stationery is not Stationary, hosted by the lovely PostMuse. She sweetened the deal with a giveaway on her blog, too.

I knew any swap she hosted was going to be well-organized, and it sounded great, so I participated with glee. Above you see the envelope I decorated for the swap,

my stationery is not stationary a little glitter-pen embellishment to the deco tape. The recipient liked birds, so I used a bird theme for the stationery and used more birds on the envelope.

I miss the summertime, when I had time to decorate envelopes like that...

PostMuse later did a summary of the swap, with her wonderful follow-up, if you're looking to read more about it.

It was one of the best swaps I've participated in - thoroughly enjoyed it.


  1. Thank you, Missive Maven! I will be doing another stationery swap on Swap-Bot in 2011, though probably not until spring.

  2. I love that deco tape -- I wish it could be a wallpaper border in my bedroom!

  3. OHHHhhh too funny to open your newest post in my RSS reader and go I KNOW THAT ENVELOPE!

    I still have it too, it was pretty and special, I now keep all my loose stationery in it for safekeeping :D

  4. PostMuse - I'm excited for your swap, whenever you have it. I am selfishly glad you won't host one until spring, because I'm going to be so slammed until then that I probably wouldn't participate!

    Kataish - very cool! I always do a delighted double-take when I see mail I've sent or received on other blogs.