Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feline Postal Brigade

What? You want these?

Yeah, yeah, more photos of the adorable Soda lolling about on my mail.

Guarding the mail is exhausting business

This time she's sleeping on the incoming, not the in-progress or the outgoing.

Asleep on the letters

Yes, folks, being a mailcat is often exhausting business.

This week must be the week for getting around to doing those things I've been musing about, because I've just gone on a lark and started a Flickr group for photos of cats on mail. It's called the Feline Postal Brigade, and I invite all you cat-owning, Flickr-using letter-writers to post your mailcat photos there.


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! This cat is a real mail cat!

  2. Soda is obviously a talented multi tasker.

  3. I love the Flickr group! I added Amber a few minutes ago. She isn't as interested in mail as Soda, but she is a very good mail gatekeeper. You wouldn't dare take a letter from the stack unless she indicates it is fine to do so.

  4. Aww so sweet :)
    Murray decided last night to scratch around on one of my writing pads, no pages were hurt during this process ;) later she took a nap on some letters

  5. GREAT idea! I will see if I can get Mr. Peepers interested in my mail and will send in photos when I do.

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