Saturday, January 8, 2011

Soda helps with a letter again

Soda helps with a letter again

So these photos are from way back in July (yeah, yeah, behind on the blogging) when we hadn't even moved yet. But they're so adorable they must be shared... Soda the letter-helper strikes again!

Feline letter queen

She really knows how to lay claim to a letter...

Letter-loving Soda

...and strike an adorable pose while doing so.

Soda lays claim to my letter

Could she tell it was cat-themed stationery I was using? This is a letterset by Jetoy.


  1. Adorable! Also, I didn't comment on your last entry but the stamp you received is so sweet and such a great way to celebrate a life. You'll enjoy it for a long time!

  2. Aww! It's like when my cats help me to read or help me with the computer.

  3. Aww soda is so cute :)
    My Murray usually only comes along when I'm crafting at the table to steal a long thin piece of paper from my little table trash bucket and runs off to play with it ;) Jimmy only sits on tables when I just cleaned them ;)

  4. What a lovely letterset and even more lovely Soda! Our cat Killi always comes to lie on my newspaper as soon as I open it on the table.