Monday, January 24, 2011

New item in shop: mailbox patch

Mailbox secret pal vintage girl scout patch

Squee! How adorable is this secret pal mailbox patch? It's a vintage girl scout patch, and the newest item I just added to my etsy shop.

Just some shameless promotion. I always enjoy it when favorite bloggers mention they've added items to their shops, even if I have no intention of buying them, so I'm just following suit. Tell me if you think it's skeezy.


  1. Not skeezy at all! That's super cute!!

  2. Hello!!

    Just a note to let you know TLWR is offering a free to all!


  3. OMG, if I hadn't already finished the top of my GS Patch Quilt - it would so be part of it!

  4. Wow!! This is so cool. I think I need an adult merit badge sash-- this would go on for sure.

  5. So cool!! I still have all of my patches from when i was in girl scouts.