Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wax seals don't make it, sometimes

Sealing wax that didn't survive

I don't use sealing wax myself, but a lot of my correspondents and fellow letter-writers do. I've posted many times about beautiful wax seals I've received, but sometimes they don't make it through the mail. I gather there are more modern, supple kinds that are made to be flexible in our modern mail sorting machines; sometimes the old-school stuff is fine and sometimes it isn't.

Wax seal destroyed in the mail

This time it didn't survive very well... just an FYI for what it can look like when it gets smooshed by the sorting machines.


  1. Aww to bad :(
    I also got a letter without the wax seal once.

  2. I have thought about using sealing wax, because I like old-fashioned things, but for the same reason I haven't tried - it can get damaged by the sorting machines.

  3. That's a shame. The funny thing is, i know exactly who's letter it is by the handwriting! I correspond with him as well!
    There are supple wax sealing wax out there but it can get pricey.
    The missing wax seal is ashame because the person that writes them writes such wonderful letters!

  4. Since that time, if I use a wax seal, I place it on the letter, inside the envelope.

  5. I should probably mention that I get far more intact wax seals than mangled ones: sometimes it's just bad luck.

  6. Wow! That is a spectacular mess! I use my seals inside the envelope, as well. Mostly because the nice folks at my local postal outlet grumble and threaten damage to my incoming mail if they see a seal ;) That being said, I, too, have found that most seals make it though the mail quite nicely.

  7. What a shame. I am so surprised to hear that any seals make it through the sorting machines though. I can just see the postal workers swearing as they try to get the pieces of wax out of the machines.