Thursday, March 17, 2011

First thing I bought in Amsterdam? Paper!


My Amsterdam trip was amazing, as I knew it would be... but it was probably even more amazing than I figured. Where to begin? Our hotel room was unbelievable. (We got a great deal, we thought it was a great deal before we even saw the room, and then when I saw the room, I practically fainted - nicest hotel room I've ever stayed in in my life. We had our own FLOOR. No one next to us, and we were on the top.) The weather was perfect: low 50s, and it didn't rain a single day. I didn't get any blisters. We walked miles and miles every day, drank great beer, had quality time with an old friend, and just got everything we wanted and needed out of the vacation.


But back to business, for this blog post. Can you guess what the VERY FIRST THING I bought in Amsterdam was? Paper, of course! We stumbled upon an excellent stationery store (I'm sorry, I don't remember where it was or what it was called), and it was my beloved who pointed out this paper.


Made by G. Lalo, the Eclat D'Ors paper has little flecks of gold in it. I've heard tell it's great for fountain pens - what from G. Lalo isn't? - but it isn't available in the USA, so of course I HAD to buy a pack!


I haven't used it yet, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think.