Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A gentle Jewish reminder: no Easter here, please

Because my casual blog readers may not remember, or may not have paid close attention to my repeated references to the pervasiveness of Christian holidays and how so many folks just assume everyone celebrates them (and yes, this is a link to a Christmas post, but the sentiments remain the same for Easter):

I'm Jewish.

Not only do I not celebrate Christmas, I don't celebrate Easter, either. That is generally a Jewish kinda thing, although everyone makes their own decisions about how to handle these mainstreamed holidays.

Please, don't wish me Happy Easter. It will only just kinda piss me off.

If you want to wish me Happy Spring, rock on! I welcome the vernal beauty and floral awakenings of the season. Happy Spring to you, too - may your realm be showing more greenery and less chill than mine right now.

Grant me the right to be curmudgeonly right now? I am missing my kitty really hard. And maybe a little extra testy because of it.

Wishing I could hug Memo right now,
Your Jewish letter blogger


  1. I think a lot of people have forgotten that Easter is a christian holiday...they just think, "Hey! A chance to color eggs ^_^ and eat candy!"

    But I totally understand...I am not particularly religious person so I avoid specific well wishes :P I stick with Happy Holidays and the like :P

    Happy Spring to you and thank you for the gentle reminder ^_^

  2. I'm a little late but I will wish you a Happy Purim instead. It was always my favourite holiday at Hebrew School probably because it meant treats and gregors.

    Also I was very sad to read about the loss of your cat, it has always been incredibly difficult for me when a pet passed on and I still miss them years later. I can only hope that time will start to heal the wound.

    (And yes, I still owe you a letter!)

  3. My favorite holiday near Easter is Passover. Mmm, yummy food. I think I haven't celebrated that in four years! What tragedy!

    I had no idea people wished other people a Happy Easter. I hope that doesn't happen to you this year. And here's hoping spring comes (we're getting another dumping of snow today).

  4. Yeah, I don't celebrate any of the holidays so I kind of glaze over all the blogs I follow in December and April.

  5. I guess I'm the only one I know who isn't offended when someone wishes me happiness on a holiday I don't celebrate. Ok, maybe St. Patrick's Day. That started and stuck because I got tired of people in class and then at work pinching the hell out of me when I forgot to wear green that day. Later I learned to scowl and ask, "Do I look Irish to you?"

    This comes from a woman who named her girl baby Erin. Ha! But, if a friend said "Happy Ramadan," "Happy Purim," "Happy Day of the Dead," or what ever, I'd be pleased as punch. To me it means they like me enough to share their holiday wishes. And that almost includes St. Patrick's Day.

    Having said all that, I hear you, too. :D And in case I lapse into a case of CRS, please forgive me. I admire you for bringing it up.

  6. Limner, my utter annoyance with a multitude of Christians trying to convert me has shaped my perspective a good deal.

    I have no idea what CRS means, though.

  7. Hi Green Velvet,
    How are you? I am a FPN member from RI. I think we have messaged before. I wanted to let you know that I went this week to the Stop and Shop "Passover Superstore" on West River St. in Providence since I wanted to get some things for a care package for my daughter who's away at college.. Much better selection that any other store in RI although of course not as good as Brookline. It's quite near the University Heights Whole Foods.Happy Passover a little early!

  8. Hello fellow letter writing loving blogger! Even though I was raised in a "Christian" household, I completely understand your sentiments re: Xmas and Easter. It's all just a commercial push for us to spend more money, and those "Christians" have no idea just how pagan those holiday rituals are. I become more and more annoyed by the whole mess, especially the Easter charades. I'm glad you had the courage to say what you needed to say on the subject and thank you!
    (BTW, I think CRS is "Can't Remember Shit")

  9. I totally get and respect that but... instead of getting pissy, just choose to accept that someone is wishing you a happy something! I have a huge freaking nose, and it makes people assume I'm Jewish. (Sad but true.) They wish me a Happy [Insert Any Jewish Holiday Here] all the freaking time. I'm Catholic. Instead of wasting my time being pissy that they're making assumptions about me, I just choose to be glad that they want me to have a nice day/holiday/whatever. I say thank you very nicely and just go on with my day. Being pissy that someone's assuming you're one religion when you're not is just a waste of energy, in my opinion.

  10. Sara, I suspect it is much easier to hold your opinion when your religion is the dominant/majority in that area or culture.

  11. Little late, but totally agree with you latest comment. I don't get offended, but since people try so hard been nice to you, and they went to all trouble by searching perfect postcard for you, why not help them and eliminate those cards that you "can care less" - that my motto.
    If someone want to send me something, I'll make their job easier and tell them right away that thank you but no thank you.

  12. Well.... I more than likely owe you an apology, as I can't remember if I sent you a 'Season's Greetings' card at the end of December, or a 'Merry Christmas'. I was raised RC, but have mostly been able to get over it. I have to admit I do still refer to those particular holiday periods by the christian label, but that's mostly because they carry those lables commercially and it's hammered relentlessly at that time of year.

    I'm not sure about where Sara lives, but in my neck of the woods, I would say the dominant religion is not catholic - not for many years. We've made it a point at work to have information on the religious holidays of our various employees available for everyone who is interested, and to try and be respectful.

    SO, I do apologize if I pissed you off. I did not realize you were Jewish. Which is my fault, and no excuse. I have no interest in converting anyone to any religion.