Friday, March 18, 2011

Postal Amsterdam

Post slit

I took quite a few postal and letter-writing related photos while in Amsterdam, of course, and I can't resist sharing them with you because I got such a kick out of them. I love anything mail-related, and it's always interesting to see how it works in different countries.


Here's the desk where I sent postcards. I sent out 20; that's all I could afford on my trip budget!

Cheery modern postbox

And here's a bright red mailbox, similar to the one where my postcards went out. This shiny one didn't have any graffiti, but a lot of the mailboxes did.

Glorious red Dutch postbox

I came across this more antique-style mailbox in the Vondelpark.

Nee, Ja

Can any of my Dutch readers translate this? It was on a lot of mail slots. Some said Nee / Nee. I know yes and no, but I'm not sure what the rest refers to. Flyers and junk mail, perhaps?

UPDATE: Thank you to Henderica, for her translation!
The Nee/Nee or Ja/Nee stickers are :
first bit just No if you don't want advertising folders or non addressed mail
The second bit Yes or No is usually for if you want local free newspapers


Just a cute silver snail I had to photograph...

amazing stationery store

This is the very cool 2-story stationery store where I bought the Eclat D'Ors paper I blogged about yesterday. I should have taken a picture of the stairs - sooo narrow! Such is Amsterdam.

stationery store display

The stationery store also had an awesome display on writing...

stationery store display

...with all kinds of vintage paper stuff.

Hope you enjoy!