Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovely letter-writing quote

...I've been passionate about letter writing and receiving. Some women buy a new shade of lipstick when they need their spirits lifted; I write a letter. For me, once in the mood, it is never a question of finding time -- there is always time to write, just as there is always time to enjoy life. I wonder, how can we not find time to sweeten our lives? I know that my own life would become impoverished if I were somehow forced to cease my letter writing.

-Alexandra Stoddard, "Gift of a Letter"

I need to reference this for inspiration and a reminder. I am coming out of a period of time when I really WAS so busy that I couldn't find the time, or so it seemed... but now I have breathing room again, and I'm hitting the letters.

I also think I buy new stationery when I need my spirits lifted...