Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovely letter-writing quote

...I've been passionate about letter writing and receiving. Some women buy a new shade of lipstick when they need their spirits lifted; I write a letter. For me, once in the mood, it is never a question of finding time -- there is always time to write, just as there is always time to enjoy life. I wonder, how can we not find time to sweeten our lives? I know that my own life would become impoverished if I were somehow forced to cease my letter writing.

-Alexandra Stoddard, "Gift of a Letter"

I need to reference this for inspiration and a reminder. I am coming out of a period of time when I really WAS so busy that I couldn't find the time, or so it seemed... but now I have breathing room again, and I'm hitting the letters.

I also think I buy new stationery when I need my spirits lifted...


  1. Oh yes, an excellent quote from a lovely book. A Gift of a Letter is my all time favorite source for letter writing inspiration. Have fun jumping back into your letters and stationery shopping!

  2. Hello There, Just thought I'd send you a little note to say, "Thank You." I love reading your blog, I'm actually addicted to it; to be quite honest. You inspire me, from one writer to another. I do have a question for you. Do you ever sit to write, and struggle to find words? Last year, I achieved the goal of writing to twelve of my friends, every week. Towards the end, I was dying to finish the year. It's quite difficult to keep writing to someone, and never get a response. It's a shame that so little people write anymore. I didn't have any expectations of receiving, but it would have been nice. Your letter lover friend, Raquel English

  3. Raquel, thank you for the compliments. I am so glad to inspire anyone to write letters.

    To answer your question, I do not make a habit of writing to people (regularly) who don't write back. I do have a few friends and family members who never write me, to whom I do send an occasional letter, but I write that letter when I am moved to do so, and not out of a feeling of obligation.

    For all my other multitudinous pen pals, I have no shortage of letters to which to respond. So no, once I sit myself in the letter-writing chair, I rarely struggle for words. (Letters of condolence and other such difficulties are another matter entirely. Those I usually draft out in a journal first.)

  4. thanks for sharing!

    i buy new stationery all the time, usually with a recipient in mind, yet i can't seem to find the time to write lately.

  5. I love this book and remember first coming across it back in the 80s when I worked in a bookstore. I couldn't believe that this book existed. I was enchanted. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I do love buying new stationery. I can still recall the thrill of going in the stationery section of Harrods, finding envelopes at outdoor markets in Bangkok and Laos, or when I used to go the Hallmark store growing up. It always makes me feel good and when I come back from a 'binge' I like to spread it all out over the bed so I can see everything!

  7. Buying new stationery is thrilling! I love all things related to mail and letter writing - note cards and postcards and fold-and-mail stationery, stickers to decorate my envelopes with, fancy address labels, new stamps! Buying new stamps always adds a little zest to my day. I can't wait for the new postcard stamps that are coming out next week!!


  8. Thanks for posting Stoddard's quote; perhaps I shall share her inspiring words with my penpals. I must admit, I am beginning to appreciate your reluctance to take on new correspondents when I see how much (and how creatively) you already write. I've written to Friends and Relations for years without a response, but in the past year a handful of penpals have begun writing back. I know you know how delightful that is.

    Happy Spring! (Yes, spring has finally sprung, even in Alberta, Canada, where it snowed all day Saturday and spring-melted on Sunday)


    P.S. Do you know of any fountain pens that are lefthander-friendly?

  9. EMP - regarding your fountain pen question, it is more the ink (and how quickly it dries) than the pen that usually presents issues for lefties. I'd suggest you check out The Fountain Pen Network; lots of great information there.

  10. Thanks, MM. Much appreciated. Can you believe I've never owned a fountain pen? I've always wanted to, but ...

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