Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inkognito cat postcard exchange

Inkognito: Comics Lesen

I am a huge fan of Inkognito postcards and cards. The artwork is always interesting. So I'm especially tickled when I get one in the mail! I got this fine example, called "Comics Lesson," from Stephanie in Arizona...

Inkognito Comics Lesen Back

...and she added such fantastic artwork! She drew two of my favorite themes: cats and mailboxes.

Inkognito: Katz & Maus

To keep the theme going, I sent her an Inkognito cat postcard in return. This one is called "Katz & Maus."

Inkognito Katz & Maus Back

I don't have her drawing skills, but I did include a glitter cat sticker on my response. (I think I recall correctly that the glitter did indeed arrive intact.)


  1. I had never heard of Inkognito cards before but they are wonderful--makes me want to take a trip to Germany and find some for myself!

  2. Bev, a lot of card shops sell them in the USA. I've gotten mine in funky card stores here before. I think you can order online from their website, but I've never tried that.

  3. Wonderful job on the drawings and what a fantastic card. I have seen Inkognito cards, but somehow not these.

  4. I love the drawing of the cats and mailbox! I, too, am a huge fan of both. To find a box full of letters and cards and then come inside to read them while my cat purrs beside me... There is nothing better!

  5. I tried looking at their web site, but the price is in Euros and I imagine that postage would be exorbitant. I will continue to check card shops!

  6. How sweet! The cat on the bed reminds me of my two. I believe they read. If not, who can explain mysteriously turned pages, newly bookmarked pages, and cat whiskers in new books?

    Thank you for sharing these. Yours is just as remarkable. I came looking for your stamp, and look at my reward. :D