Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inkognito cat postcard exchange

Inkognito: Comics Lesen

I am a huge fan of Inkognito postcards and cards. The artwork is always interesting. So I'm especially tickled when I get one in the mail! I got this fine example, called "Comics Lesson," from Stephanie in Arizona...

Inkognito Comics Lesen Back

...and she added such fantastic artwork! She drew two of my favorite themes: cats and mailboxes.

Inkognito: Katz & Maus

To keep the theme going, I sent her an Inkognito cat postcard in return. This one is called "Katz & Maus."

Inkognito Katz & Maus Back

I don't have her drawing skills, but I did include a glitter cat sticker on my response. (I think I recall correctly that the glitter did indeed arrive intact.)