Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soda on my writing desk, AGAIN

Soda: a near-permanent fixture on my writing desk

Soda is on my writing desk a lot lately. She knows she will get an occasional pet there, and it seems my writing lamp is a low-grade heat lamp. She's so cute, and I'm so over-indulgent, that I take a lot of pictures of her there. And then share them incessantly with you.

Feline postal brigade to the rescue

But part of my motivation is that I really love photos of other people's writing spaces, especially when they're in action, and not just recently cleaned-up and pretty (although those are nice, too). I only got a dedicated writing desk late last summer, so it's still sort of new to me, and I really, really love it. At first I thought I would dislike the white lattice (a permanent fixture in our house) around it, but actually I love it. The cats can poke their faces through and say hi (there are stairs and a platform behind it, so the cats are eye-level with me if they meow through the lattice), and now I've discovered that it's a great place from which to hang things! I have a few cute little pen pal gifts hanging there, as well as an Edward Gorey calendar. There's more now than when this photo was taken a number of weeks ago, but as I glance up at my writing desk now, I realize that everything up there is something someone else has sent to me. Cool - I had a theme and I didn't even know it!

Soda says hi. If I wrote you a letter or postcard recently, she probably helped.


  1. maybe soda helped you with my letter, since i can see a piece of my last mail to you here.
    hope you two have a good mail day!

  2. She would inspire me to put off work. Cat's in the way, I guess I'd better go find something else to do...

  3. Christine - when a cat is really in the way on something we need, we employ a special strategy known in our household as "corporal cuddling." It always does the trick. :-)

  4. My cat, Shelby, adores my writing desk, too. She tends to stare at my pen while I write, and I never know when she will lunge for it! She is cute but a bit dangerous! I, too, am very indulgent. Kitties are the best!

  5. Cute! It's funny how pets will deliberately put themselves in the way to get attention. My dog lies in the hallway, blocking the staircase, when she wants a walk. She's never helped me write a letter, though!