Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vintage bee illustrated envelope

Vintage bee illustrated envelope 1

This vintage stationery set was one of my favorite fantastic eBay finds. The paper itself is sort of a textured pink - I haven't photographed that, as it's not all that special - but the envelopes are amazing! This is the bee design, and there are 3 others with similar styles: illustrated and printed all over both sides.

Vintage bee illustrated envelope 2

These photos are fairly true to the color - sort of a yellowish green. Of course I love the directive to "Mr. Postman."

Vintage bee illustrated envelope 3

The back of the envelope is seriously amazing! I confess I am a bit of a sucker for puns, so I love all this cheesy word-play. And I adore the bee who is lounging on top of a mushroom, brandishing a fountain pen, with a cute little ink blot below.

My favorite verse is in the pink box:
"Is writing notes a thing you love,
or do you need a 'lil shove?
I'll furnish the shove!"

Tee hee. Bee well, springtime readers.
Now buzz off and go write a letter!