Saturday, April 2, 2011

I ♥ my new mail organizer

Mail organizer 1

I got myself a couple of mail-related New Year's gifts. (I'll post about the other one soon, never you fear.) My husband saw this in a magazine and convinced me that I would love it, and he was absolutely right!

Mail organizer 2

I got mine on Amazon; it is the "Gramata WA8235 House Your Mail-Wooden Organizer" in Walnut stain.

Mail organizer 3

I took these photos back in January and my slots are a little more full now, but this is how I keep my mail piles in check. Oversize stuff has to go on the top, but all the little slots mean something in my system. It really is a big help in staying organized.

Mail organizer 4

I was skeptical about the size of the slots at first, but most of my mail fits nicely in there. It's attractive and practical; I enjoy looking at and using it. It can be wall-mounted, but I have a nice space near my writing desk where it fits nicely on a counter. It is a few steps away from my writing desk, so it is easy to access, but doesn't take any space away from my actual writing surface.

I am wildly enthusiastic about this organizer. It is solid wood, and well-made. I recommend it highly to any mail enthusiast. I decided to leave my slots unlabeled, but you can see the little brass holders for labels (label paper included) where you can denote each slot's purpose or contents. I still have a couple of empty slots, but I know their perfect use will come to me soon.