Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smoking cat postcard

The smoking cat

I must really be losing it, because as I post this, I'm questioning whether I sent or received this. I have a memory of buying it in a bookstore, so I'm going with sent. I think I sent this in March as a sort of funny postcard about Memo's death. But it is possible that I received it instead. I remember the other correspondent, good gravy, but I can't remember if I sent it to them or they sent it to me. J&H can ring in on it, and their collective memory is surely better than mine.

I also have some kind of sense that this was an Inkognito postcard, but again... didn't photograph the back...

Maybe I'm losing my touch.


  1. When Magda (the pug) was about 9 months old, she found a small cigar in a park. She started running around holding it in her mouth like one of those poker playing dog paintings while we tried to catch her. That is what this card reminds me of. :-)

  2. OMG - I hope you got a photo of Magda with the cigar in her mouth!!!

  3. You sent it to us. I like it, reminds me of the Michel Sowa (?) paintings. The card says: Tetsche "Carlo"...Inkognito...Berlin etc, on the back.
    I'm surprised you don't get confused more often, all the mail you do.

    The cat is clearly waiting for something, as he has filled the ashtray already. Probably he has ordered a tuna pizza with anchovies.

  4. Thank you, Jonathan! You have rescued my perilous confidence in my own memory. I even remembered the Inkognito bit, hooray...

    Tuna pizza with anchovies? You're making Soda's stomach growl.

  5. We were laughing too hard that we couldn't get the photo of her. She was pretty quick in those days and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!