Sunday, June 5, 2011

Even my coffee is official...

LWA mug with letters

You may know I'm a member and big supporter of the Letter Writers Alliance. (I've had a couple of links to them here on my blog for ages.) It's a fine organization, and they have great merch, too!

Some of their lovely items are available to anyone, but of course their coolest stuff is behind a members-only login. Such is the case with this lovely mug which I recently purchased. I love the logo, and of course it's hand-crafted by a small company (Circa Ceramics), but it's also a really great coffee mug. It holds tons of liquid and has become my preferred daily caffeine delivery method.

I have no affiliation with the LWA other than being a happy member, and if you love letter-writing I'd encourage you to join - and moreover, if you're already a member and you're looking for a great mug that proclaims your epistolary devotion, I highly recommend this one.