Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unicorn postcard swap

I have been back into swap-bot lately, but my rule is never to join swaps to "get rid" of postcards; only join swaps with postcards featured that I'd really want to receive. Since I haven't seen all that many themed swaps with postcards I'd like to swap, I figured I'd just start hosting 'em. It's summertime, and I have a little bit of extra time to do it...


Come join the Unicorn postcard swap I'm hosting on Swap-Bot. It's an international swap with one partner, so you send one unicorn postcard to another swapper anywhere in the world. Full details on the unicorn swap page. I got lucky, I guess, because one of the Swap-Bot administrators decided she liked the swap idea, and it's now a featured swap on the Swap-bot blog.

If this unicorn postcard makes you plotz the way it does me, you can get one of your very own from the fabulous etsy seller Pagey of Pink Toes Press. I admit, I did buy her unicorn postcards, and may be using them for this swap.

Swap deadline to join is July 2, so don't delay! (If this one is popular, I'll certainly host another.)