Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's time for that Passover/Easter reminder again...

It's that time again!

Because my casual blog readers may not remember, or may not have paid close attention to my repeated references to the pervasiveness of Christian holidays and how so many folks just assume everyone celebrates them (and yes, this is a link to a Christmas post, but the sentiments remain the same for Easter):

I'm Jewish.

Not only do I not celebrate Christmas, I don't celebrate Easter, either. That is generally a Jewish kinda thing, although everyone makes their own decisions about how to handle these mainstreamed holidays.

Please, don't wish me Happy Easter. It will only just kinda piss me off.

If you want to wish me Happy Spring, rock on! I welcome the vernal beauty and floral awakenings of the season. Happy Spring to you, too - may your realm be showing more greenery and less chill than mine right now.

It's April and I'm not Foolin',
Your Jewish letter blogger


  1. Have a good Passover. I discovered a good matzo ball recipe today on the NYTimes with whole wheat instead of matzo. I might try it. :)

  2. Happy Passover to you, too! It's going to be a lot simpler for me this year, since I'm on a gluten-free diet now; I just don't even eat much bread-type stuff anymore.

  3. Spring is cool with me - Happy Spring. No all Christians do Santa or Easter Eggs and yet people persist in asking my children questions about Santa and Easter Baskets.

    Happy Spring to you!!

  4. I'm in the same camp as Melissa above - not all Christians (or Catholics!) celebrate Christmas and Easter...I celebrate Passover with my boyfriends family, since he was adopted into and raised in a Jewish household, but he generally prefers to celebrate the "Spring Equinox", which makes this (VERY) lapsed Catholic happy ;)

    A Very Happy Passover to you Missive Maven!

  5. Happy SPRING!! I'm not religious at all so I feel your pain (but in a slightly different way).

  6. Happy Spring!

    I just had to write and say, I got your last letter, but I've not been well enough to write. I hope to be sending you something soon.

    Liz from Ontario

  7. Happy springtime - from an atheist.
    All people tend to talk about mainstream holidays, even those who never go to a church or so.
    So don't take it personally.