Monday, April 9, 2012

Show and Mail

Show and Mail: received 9 Apr 2012

There's a fun new hashtag on Twitter, started by the National Postal Museum tweeters, called #ShowAndMail. The idea is a sort of postal "show and tell" to share one's daily mail, sent and received. I forgot to photograph my outgoing mail today before it started its journey, but here's what I received today. Typical for a Monday, it's a fun assortment.

Show and Mail: today's foreign postcard stamps

I got a very fun assortment of foreign postage stamps, mostly from Postcrossing postcards.

Show and Mail: today's excellent Dutch stamps

I am most taken with these Dutch stamps - the meta mail-looking stamp in the upper right corner, and the one on the bottom with what looks like a leaf gnome surrounded by birds -- that one looks to be an older, maybe vintage stamp.

If you want to see some fun mail that's being sent and received, I highly recommend taking a look at the #ShowAndMail items; there are a lot of philepistolists (those obsessed with mail - thank you, Craftgasm, for coining that fine word) who tweet about mail and postal-related items regularly. Oh, and of course, I do a lot of mail tweeting, and you can follow me on Twitter, too.

What did you get in your mailbox today?

{Edit/Persnickety luddite clarification: I don't text. None of my tweeting is done on my phone. Did you know you can do Twitter all through the internet? That's what I do. I'll play with Twitter when I'm online only.}


  1. I don't twitter. I don't even text. For the first time, I sure am tempted to learn. I'm going to be missing out on a lot of fun now.


  2. Just love the door postcard with the little black cat. :)

  3. Sharon - I should clarify, I don't text at all either! I do all my twitter online. My phone is for phone calls only. :-)

  4. I love the stamps. I was at the post office today taping a box. While I was taping this lady came in for a stamp and she asked to see the selection. The postman was shocked. He actually thanked her and said nobody cares anymore they just say give me a stamp.