Friday, April 13, 2012

What exactly happens when you send a letter to the L.W.A. P.O. Box

Longtime Missive Maven readers may recall that I am a very enthusiastic member of the Letter Writers Alliance. If you're a letter enthusiast, you really should check them out. They are the most enthusiastic / classiest epistolary cheerleaders I know.

One member of the dynamic duo, Donovan Beeson, has an incredible hand-drawn/hand-lettered blog called The Intangible Blog: "nothing not created by me, by hand, or by inky device." It is always worth checking out, and chock-full of interesting letter-writing information, mail ephemera, etc, but one of her recent entries is among the most charming ever: "What EXACTLY happens when you send a letter to the L.W.A. P.O. Box". It explains the process of fetching the L.W.A. correspondence, how it gets read and sorted, and each step has a lovely illustration. (If you need to see it larger than in the blog entry, click the illustration and then click it again in a new window to enlarge it. I admit I often have to do this.) I guarantee you'll love it.