Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good mail day from PodPost maven

Good mail day mail art!

I'd love any card from Carolee of Make Every Day a Good Mail Day and PodPost (as in, one of the amazing authoresses of Good Mail Day itself), but this one is particularly meta-mail-alicious.

PodPost PodAvion, au poulet

As if the envelope isn't cool enough already, dig that rubber stamp of a chicken on a nest of letters!


I am predisposed to like any card with a mailbox on it, and not only did this one have a little slot where you could put in various included sayings, it's also edged to look like a stamp.

airmail border on back

AND, the back is edged with the postally perfect red and blue airmail border. *sigh of contentment*

brand info

I took a close-up photo of the card info, but don't be thinking you can just whip on that website and find out whatever you want to, because it's a #$^@#%$ division of Random House and deeply ridiculous to navigate. I couldn't find a damn card set, and I know they make a ton. So pooh on you, Clarkson Potter / PotterStyle printed in China / Division of Random House publishing, if your website made more sense (hello, I search for stationery and I get two books and no writing products?) perhaps I would make a purchase. Is this why the publishing industry is in so much trouble?

Sorry, rant there... just really hate bad websites. But back to the cardly goodness - this was such a treat!

{Edit: I do understand how to get around the Random House / Potter Style website, dear readers, and I can find the cards I need to... I was just complaining that the was poorly organized and clunkier than necessary. And so out of spite, I am deliberately not linking them up here. I have received scads and scads of comments telling me how to get to the cards and giving links - I've approved one of them and that's enough. Because it's so much easier to find them on Amazon, though, I'll provide that link for any interested readers.}