Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New cat stamps from Poland

Thanks to the wonderful ModernCat blog newsletter (yes, I admit it, I'm a fan), I just learned about these amazing new Polish cat postage stamps!

Zowie, I don't regularly correspond with anyone in Poland, but I certainly would love to see one of these babies on a piece of mail.

I wish the US Postal service would do another cat stamp! It's been a while. You can have a look at this link to the Polish postal service's website where you can buy the stamp, but of course it's all in Polish.


  1. The expressions on those faces would seem to indicate that cats are intent upon world domination.

    Your March Madness counter hasn't moved in a while. Are you falling behind?

  2. Chris - I was out of town Tuesday and today. This trip, plus one other coming up, were why I made the March Madness include the last week of February; I rarely write letters and postcards when I travel on these short family-visiting trips.

    Don't worry, I'm back home... it will start moving up again tonight, as soon as I get through all these damn emails.

  3. Behind? She's half way done with more than half of March to go! I'm really impressed.

    Also, my, what beautiful cats there are!

  4. The cat stamps are so wonderful!
    Via the link I saw also the First Day Covers, and they were so beautiful also!