Friday, March 26, 2010

snaily mail

mail snails

Quite a while back I did a swap on Swap-bot called "Snail Mail :]." I blogged about my own offerings at the time, but did end up responding to one of the swapped envelopes I got.

big snails on the back

The idea was to decorate the envelope with many snails, and I was really touched by the hand-drawn snails on this one.

mailbox snail

She obviously put some time into her snaily drawings...

mailing snail

...and I found them delightful.


  1. thats a cute snail. I love it.
    cheery and colorful.
    I am wondering when my letter to you will turn up. have a good friday

  2. they are so cute !!! I love em too , thanks for sharing .

  3. Gotta love perky, happy slime-free snails!

  4. hey i just came across 2 unopened packs of these dated 1979 and looking to sell on ebay. how much did you buy yours for if you dont mind me asking?

  5. Jake, your question is unanswerable on two different levels:
    1. This was received, not sent, so obviously I didn't buy anything.
    2. This is handmade. There's no such thing as an unopened pack of a hand-drawn original.