Sunday, May 9, 2010

DumpsterDiver's Tin of Wonders

Tin of Wonders

Mail artist and exceptionally generous pen pal DumpsterDiver sent me this Mail Tin of Wonders. It is a tin that looks like an air mail letter, which she then further decorated with stickers and wonderful stamps.

Tin of Wonders, back

The back/bottom of the tin looks like the back of an envelope. So meta! So love it!

See? It's really a tin!

Here you can see how thick it is, plus its essential metal nature. Not a light thing to begin with, it was packed chock-full of amazing-mail-ness.

Inside the Tin of Wonders

The postcard featured a letter on the back, but those awesome rubber stamps are her own hand-carved handiwork. I am PLOTZING over all of them, most especially the mailbox.

Mail tin contents

Here are all the goodies spread out (except the letter opener - that's mine, it just crept into the photo). Stickers, labels, and even a fountain pen + cartridges! The pen is called Riviere, and although the sender rescued most of her items from a dumpster, the pen came from a Daiso, a west-coast Japanese stationery store. Nowhere does it say it is a Platinum pen, but those cartridges look like Platinums to me, and indeed my Platinum converter fits the pen. I guess I should do a full review elsewhere, but all things considered, this is a mighty fine pen. My only complaint is that the clip keeps coming off when I remove the cap, but it's very easy to click back into place. Good writer, if a bit on the dry side.

EDIT: Update from sender
She says:
"The Riviere fountain pen, ink cartridges, letter tin, and address labels are from the Japanese dollar store- Daiso. The Moleskine calendar letter started out as dumpster. Japanese stickers and San Francisco faux-postage sticker came from Pod Post and their lovely Mailart Bento box. I won the bento box at the raffle during the Good Mail Day Book Launch party!"

So WOW! I felt so spoiled when I opened this, and I still do... totally enjoying the labels, stickers, and pen... and I haven't figured out how to properly re-use the tin, but it's sitting on an embellishments shelf and I admire it occasionally.