Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Letters & Journals website and newsletter (and I won a contest!!)

The Letters & Journals blog recently launched their new website, Lettersandjournals.com. This has been a long-term goal, and the website is really lovely with a lot of great content and many sections to explore. It is the next big step towards starting the magazine. I recommend you have a look at it - I had a lot of fun there, and I haven't even read all the bits about the National Stationery Show yet...

And, in a really exceptional stroke of luck, my one single entry won the contest to name the Letters & Journals newsletter. I suggested LetterNews, and that's now their new newsletter name! Jackie, founder and maven of the Letters & Journals enterprise, offered me the $50 gift card from Amazon or Jetpens, and of course I chose JetPens because they are not only one of my very favorite pen and ink retailers, but also because they are a fantastic and plucky small business, and I like to support them.


  1. I missed the winning announcement so I just posted a follow-up comment over on L&J blog :-)

  2. Awesome on the win! I've been keeping my eyes open over there, waiting for it all to take shape!

  3. Just heard on the BBC World Service, that today is 'National Letter Writing Day' in the UK. They have special stamp sets for that in Japan, you know?
    PS Got your last letter, will reply soon :-)

  4. oooooooh that is so awesome! Congratulations! I've never won anything, but I know my luck is saving up for something really epic.