Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Slow owl post from the Philippines

Owl postcard from the Philippines

I exchange postcards occasionally with The Archer in the Philippines, but it ends up being very occasionally, as her postcards arrive incredibly slowly. I don't know which end has the sluggishness, but it's often rather amazing. I had one sent in August arrive in October, and this lovely Philippine owl sent in December arrived in March!

Philippines stamps

Check out these incredible stamps, though - I am in love with the cartoon mailman!


  1. Im in love with the cartoon mailman as well . totally cool and love owls too so that would be totally awesome to receive to me as well .

  2. I knew you'd love that stamp! :) Glad you got the card!

  3. Archer - I'll have to double-check my letter log for a date, but since I photographed the postcard, I know I responded to it - I wonder if my reply has reached you yet!

  4. Yes, the cartoon mailman is WONDERFUL! Lucky you!

  5. Wow :)! Wonderful mail.
    Just a short note: I tagged you at my blog :)!

  6. Fabi, I'm flattered to be tagged, but I will bow out as the tag thing is not my cup of tea.