Sunday, May 16, 2010

April Benevolent Postcard Society offering

Final sent BPS postcard

This was my final item sent in the Benevolent Postcard Society project. I sent 8 - one each month, dutifully sent on or very close to - the first of the month, and was supposed to receive one each month, too, but I have only received 3. I suppose April's could still yet come. In May the organizer suspended for a month to re-evaluate membership, and I decided not to continue. I had requested for months that a reminder that the postcard should be marked Benevolent Postcard Society (or BPS) be included with the address info email each month, but that didn't happen. I suppose I could have received more BPS postcards, and would not have known, if they hadn't been designated as such - I get a lot of postcards and all.

Anyhoo, I had fun with this one. I used a vintage cat postcard that a pen pal had sent, and altered it with some glitter, metallic gel pen ink and rubber stamps.

altered postcard for April BPS

Perhaps you can see the glitter, and the blue metallic gel pen ink making the kitty eyes sparkly blue, a little better in this ultra-bright-sunlight shot.

April BPS