Sunday, May 23, 2010


Envaccordion 1

This is truly one of the most incredible handmade envelopes, letters, and pieces of mail art I have ever received. Ever. The lovely Bianca of Goodnight Little Spoon sent me this amazing "envaccordion" a while back, and I absolutely cannot believe how much energy and creativity she put into it. She did a very fascinating blog post about how she put the whole thing together - I highly recommend a visit if you're plotzing over this beauty as much as I still am. (Warning: extremely photo-heavy post!)

Envaccordion 2

I am so glad she included clear "how to open" instructions, complete with easy-to-remove tape. I made sure to photograph this before I sullied anything by opening... but it was actually quite easy to open and unfurl.

Envaccordion 3

Here's the view inside the first opened flap.

Envaccordion 4

It's a bunch of envelopes glued together by the flaps, and each one flips down to reveal the next one.

Envaccordion 5

So of course I photographed every step of the unfolding process.

Envaccordion 6

The details! The colors! The harmonious patterns!

Envaccordion 7

Each envelope had one page of a letter, one ad postcard (they were all quite beautiful), and one bit of extra - a tag, a teabag, a sticker...

Envaccordion 8

So here you see the whole long thing, from the envelope-open side.

Envaccordion 9

And here are descending bits...

Envaccordion 10

...of the incredibly fascinating...

Envaccordion 11

...backs of the envelopes!

Envaccordion 12

And finally, the whole long chain of the backs of the envelopes.


If you had fun reading this and looking at the pretty pictures, and especially if you're wondering how the heck she made this, do have a look at her blog post about it. It is nearly as fun and illuminating as the envelope itself.

(Wombat stamp! Can you see the wombat stamp in the first photo? Squee!)


  1. i drooled over this when bianca posted it and it's even more amazing seeing it again! thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for posting it! :D Great to see it again! So glad it arrived in good shape.

  3. What a great idea! I've done this with envelopes to make coupon holders/files but it never entered my mind to decorate & mail them. So cool.

  4. WOW...WOW...and WOW...what creativity and what a labor of love...thanks for sharing with us!

  5. that thing is one of the most amazing pieces of mail ever. period. the end.
    - L

  6. How come we don't have Air Mail stickers like that here in the US? I know they're sort of unnecessary but I love them so. Anyway, yes - that is an amazing feat of mail ability!

  7. Stephanie - Air Mail stickers can be found over here. I buy some vintage on eBay and etsy, and reproductions are lurking around in other places, too.

  8. I meant, why can't we have them in the post office. :( In other countries they just give them out with the international postage stamp. Here I have to buy them (bah! I say to buying things...)

  9. so jealous!! i love this. is there a template online anywhere for it??

  10. Wow, amazing! And by the way, I love your letter opener!

  11. wow so much detail and yes love your letter opener too . too cute for words and classic looking too

  12. I think Ang would like your letter-opener. Where did you get it???? It's look very vintage.

  13. I just might have to attempt to make one of these sometime soon! Really a neat idea and so fun to check each pocket.

  14. Sue - I got my letter opener many years ago, in a store many miles away. It isn't that vintage (I guess I got it about 17 years ago) but has that look, doesn't it? Couldn't tell you where you could get it online, I haven't the foggiest.

    Poof - so right, checking each pocket was a blast.

  15. Absolutely stunning! Well done to Bianca!