Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey!

He wrote it all down zealously

Wishing Edward Gorey happy birthday is a posthumous endeavor, since he died in 2000, but today is Edward Gorey's birthday, so I have to do a post about it! A dear friend gave me a 2011 Edward Gorey calendar, which is hanging above my writing desk, so of course the Gorey calendar notes Gorey's birthday.

For a Gorey extravaganza, here's a link to all of my Edward Gorey posts.

Have a Gorey-licious day!


  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I've got a Gorey calendar too but hadn't looked at it today! There's no chance that you'll be putting some of your Gorey stationery/stamps on Etsy, is there? Hint, hint...

  2. I am honored to share a birthday with such a creative man!

  3. Eliza - I do have plans to list some more rubber stamps on etsy, but not Gorey. I don't intend to part with any of my Gorey goods. :-)

  4. Also, sorry to be spamming this post, but, I just received my membership package from LWA today! Can't wait to look at the downloads and members' section!

  5. Not spamming at all, Eliza - getting a package from the LWA is something to be excited about! They are a fine organization and I support them wholeheartedly. Enjoy your package and membership!