Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You know you want a unicorn postcard...

Tonight is the last night to sign up for the fabulous Unicorn postcard swap on Swap-bot. I don't know why only 5 people are signed up for it (I'm one of them!!) so I just thought I'd give it a shout-out here for any of my readers who are also swap-bot users... who see this in time to sign up... who also want a unicorn postcard...

* sigh *

Maybe I missed the boat on this. I just happen to have a slew of unicorn postcards on hand... tra la la.

On another note, we started with a new cleaning lady today. (Yes, for the first time our lives, my husband and I have hired a cleaning lady, because we are so damn busy that we can't even see each other at the same time, let alone clean the house...) She re-organized as well as cleaned. SHE REORGANIZED MY LETTER PILES. I am really freaking out about that. It is a serious problem and I'm going to have to re-sort them all.

It has been a totally strange day. And I am in a totally strange place in my life.

Is there something weird going on in the stars? Astrologically? Oy.


  1. Can you send me the cleaning lady instead of the unicorn?

  2. I immediately thought of this NPR story from last week when I saw your subject line. And if I thought I could swing the tight end to send deadline, I'd join the swap just because of that story. But, there isn't enough time to do an etsy buy. I know I haven't a single unicorn postcard in my gazillions of postcards.

    And strange days call for strange beverages. Have you ever had chocolate vodka? It is good for strange days.

  3. Who would reorganize your piles? I mean, they're clearly already organized in a way that works for you; why would anyone screw with that? Annoying. I'd make sure you talked to her to make sure there isn't a repeat performance. =/

  4. Oh wow now only I even had a unicorn card (or even magical drawing skills) myself to enter the swap but sadly no :(

    And yikes for the letter reorganising cleaning lady..
    I freak out when I can't find things after my mother helps me clean sometimes. Good thing it's my mother so I can call her and ask if she knows where stuff went ;)

  5. I'm so glad you didn't say "cleaning woman" (Apologies if you've never seen the movie).
    Best, Jonathan in the UK

  6. It is one of those days. I can't even imagine having someone organize my letters, my studio, my stuff, in general. yup, chocolate vodka sounds about right.

  7. I'm no teetotaler, but vodka ain't my thing, chocolate or no...

    Yep. Weird day, weird week, weird month. Trying to hang in.

  8. Yikes on the reorganization. Hopefully you'll get it worked out!

  9. I wish I had a unicorn postcard. or a cleaning lady. or even a magic wand or some vodka or chocolate. probably the chocolate would do me more good than the vodka. We had a cleaning person once. she reorganized everything. My husband and I never argued anymore, because anything that was lost... we blamed it on the cleaning person.. We are divorced now. (and best friends) it wasn't about the cleaning. maybe tmi.