Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You know you want a unicorn postcard...

Tonight is the last night to sign up for the fabulous Unicorn postcard swap on Swap-bot. I don't know why only 5 people are signed up for it (I'm one of them!!) so I just thought I'd give it a shout-out here for any of my readers who are also swap-bot users... who see this in time to sign up... who also want a unicorn postcard...

* sigh *

Maybe I missed the boat on this. I just happen to have a slew of unicorn postcards on hand... tra la la.

On another note, we started with a new cleaning lady today. (Yes, for the first time our lives, my husband and I have hired a cleaning lady, because we are so damn busy that we can't even see each other at the same time, let alone clean the house...) She re-organized as well as cleaned. SHE REORGANIZED MY LETTER PILES. I am really freaking out about that. It is a serious problem and I'm going to have to re-sort them all.

It has been a totally strange day. And I am in a totally strange place in my life.

Is there something weird going on in the stars? Astrologically? Oy.