Thursday, February 10, 2011

More from the Feline Postal Brigade

Letter cat contemplates stamp cat

Soda has recently discovered how to jump up on my writing desk, so I'll have more photos of her reprising her role as mail cat.

Soda says hi to Sebastian

She is a proud member of the Feline Postal Brigade; here she greets Sebastian, another lettercat and Feline Postal Brigade charter member. He is the star of his own photo stamp here, too.

This mail is mine

And yes indeed, she does have extra toes... The better to grasp my mail with...


  1. A Zazzle stamp? Yours is very cool! We have something similar here in Estonia, it's called "My Stamp". This cat is a real mailcat!

  2. A mail cat -- and with extra toes. I am just too jealous.

  3. I have four feline postal supervisors. Morgan tends to prefer to sit on letters, while Simba likes to leave his unique paw print on the envelopes. Salem will give mail a cursory glance and Jack prefers that nothing as trivial as mail interrupts his VIN (Very Important Nap).

  4. Soda is a wonderful mail cat and really reserves an own postage!
    It's possible in Finland also to order stamps with your own pictures, and actually just yesterday I sent out my order with two different pictures of my cat Killi! These stamps will become almost twice as expensive as normal stamps. How about the cost of your stamps with own pictures?

  5. Sirpa - yes, if you pay full price, it is twice as expensive. I sit in wait for special postage sales, when, at best, you can get photo stamps at face value.

  6. She is very adorable! I wish I had a cat... we are a canine-only household at the moment.