Monday, July 25, 2011

Estonia and Oregon: same travel time

From Tartu, Estonia, postmarked July 19, 2011

I got some fun stamps on a couple of postcards today. I love the Estonian stamp on the right - what a sweet hug.

From Oregon USA, postmarked July 19, 2011

Of course I always love a good cat stamp, this time from the good old USA - this series is one of my favorites. I don't think I've seen the Colonial American Craftsmen stamp before, a great vintage one.

But here is the thing that jumped out to me as I read my mail and wrote these items down in my mail log (one of my beloved daily rituals, as I read my mail): check out the postmarks. Both are postmarked July 19. I was kind of fascinated to note that it takes the same time to travel from Estonia as it does from Oregon.


  1. wow so eithe we really have snail mail or estonia has speed mail! Love the stamps too!

  2. Love those stamps! Thanks for sharing them.


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  4. Oh so nice to see my stamps here! Thanks for posting! And amazing thing about the postmarks.