Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summertime Mix CD swap

Summertime: Hot Mix 2

I missed round one, but I participated in Goodnight Little Spoon's Mix Share Swap Vol. 2.

Summertime: Hot Mix 3

It was great fun making mix CDs, and of course great fun making the packaging. The theme, of course, was summertime and heat. Most of the songs fit it, but not all. Maybe it was just a "feel."

Summertime: Hot Mix 1

I cheated a bit, I suppose, and used a CD packaging kit: Chronicle Books' vintage vinyl, which is of course long since out of stock.


The mix, as in the music, is the same on both CDs. I always jam-pack mix CDs with as many minutes as will possibly fit on them. It's like a weird compulsion to get as much mileage as possible out of a disc.

Summertime: Hot Mix 5

I got my names later than I was supposed to, but I managed to get my mixes out right on time nonetheless, despite houseguests and an upcoming vacation.

Summertime: Hot Mix 6

Which makes me all the more piffled that I haven't received either one of the two CDs that I was supposed to get in return... the send deadline was theoretically July 9, so even things sent from faraway countries should theoretically have arrived by now, if they had been sent on time. *sigh*

Summertime: Hot Mix 7

Oh well. I know, when I do a swap, that there is a significant chance I won't receive anything in return, and I do it for the fun of it. And now, if a CD arrives (I won't even delude myself into thinking I'll actually receive BOTH of them), it will be like a little surprise gift.