Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monster postcard swap

Munster shriner

Well, folks, I'm trying another swap-bot swap! This one is much more general, not nearly so specific as my last Unicorn postcard swap. No, this one includes the entire category of monsters. Please have a look at my brand-new Monster postcard swap, and sign up if you're interested. I've given lots of time to go out and buy a monster postcard before the signup deadline on July 30, and then the swap deadline isn't until August 8.

This lovely painting of Herman Munster as a shriner that I used as the swap image is from On Tender Hooks, a postcard book by Chronicle Books featuring the art of Isabel Samaras. All the postcards are this fantastic, and many feature monsters.

I'm mulling over the idea of doing a mythical creatures postcard swap next, so that can incude unicorns AND gnomes and fairies and dragons and all that good stuff. But not yet. I'll keep you posted.