Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Red + black&white washi tape

Red + black&white washi tape

I'm really into washi tape lately! Washi tape, for the uninitiated, is decorative Japanese masking/paper tape. You can just tear it with your hands, you don't need scissors, and it's really easy to handle. You can even remove it and replace it, and the variety of designs is really lovely. I myself am partial to the black and white patterns, but there's a lot of different options out there. I get my washi tape from Pretty Tape on etsy. I also used an official Letter Writers Alliance mailing label, but I can't link to it directly because it's a members-only purchase. (Go join!) Oh yes, and some cute cat stickers and a little sparkle-pen embellishment.

sealed with WTF glitter cat headdress sticker

I sealed it with a sticker from Glitter Old-Time Cats and Kittens sticker book, which is full of weird gems like this one.

I've blogged a lot about postcards lately - and while it's true I've been doing more postcards than ever, I still write lots of letters, too! (It was high time for this letter post.) For a little statistics break - I don't post my sent stats regularly any more, but I still keep them for myself - June was an unusually post-ful month. I sent 104 postcards and 48 letters.

Happy summer mailing, everyone!