Sunday, April 18, 2010

Half a postcard

Ripped kitty postcard

Here is one of my most recent and unique mail anomalies - an international postcard that arrived ripped in half. What a cute little kitty! What does the rest of this illustration show, I wonder?

Half a postcard

I got the half with my address, but not the stamps. Thank goodness her signature is legible, and if she wouldn't have said "greetings from Helsinki," I would have had no idea from whence this came. So, Anu L. in Helsinki, Finland, your postcard did arrive, although it was mangled. (Sometimes, if the US postal service mangles something, it will arrive in a plastic bag apologizing for the damage. This didn't happen - it was just half a postcard in my mailbox.) I can't write you back because I don't have your address. Maybe it was on the top half of the postcard!

I've actually gotten quite a few postcards with no return addresses lately, incidentally... Sometimes I write people's addresses down in a little book, and sometimes I don't. If you want to guarantee a response, give me a return address, even in tiny writing on a postcard. (I put a return address on EVERYTHING.) If you don't use a return address, please do not expect to hear back from me.