Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy NCLWM!

It's really true: April is National Card and Letter Writing Month! I learned from the fine Red Letter Day that this year the "month" is extended through Mother's Day on May 11. So, as if you needed another reason to write a letter (or a card), now you have it.

As for my little March Madness challenge, my final tally was 122: 71 letters and 51 postcards. I did that in actually 5 weeks, not 4. It was sort of fun keeping the stats, but I'm not sure if that sort of posting is annoying. Is that a bit precious, to list my outgoing mail stats? I'm not sure - what do readers think?

I have decided I'm going to keep my own monthly stats, for myself, but am unsure whether or not I should post them as I've been doing this past month.

What do you think, dear readers?

And go write a letter to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month!