Friday, April 16, 2010

A peek at my Clairefontaine ink journal

Clairefontaine notebook/ink journal

I've mentioned my ink journal and shown samples from the pages so many times, I guess I should show you the outside! Here's the front of my pretty simple but perfectly useful Clairefontaine ink journal. It is the smaller Clairefontaine Basics clothbound journal, and...

Clairefontaine notebook tag/back of my ink journal

...hopefully this tag tells you everything you need to know.


  1. It's a Clairefontaine Basics Clothbound Notebook, just like mine here: Hope this helps! :)

  2. I'm not quite sure if I like Clairefontaine. They had a few for super cheap awhile back at my local art store but I didn't get them because there was something I didn't quite like. But this is really lovely and the pages you've been posting have also been cute. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

  3. I just love the Basic notebooks. I got lucky a few months back and found them in a college campus art store with blank pages. I have two of them in the large size I just love.

    I'm enjoying your tooth pick ink swabs and writing, too.

  4. Becky - Clairefontaine is really fabulous paper if you use fountain pens. It takes ink very well.

    GrannyKass, thanks for the compliments. I am so loving the Clairefontaine Basics as an ink journal that I may just have to use another of the same for my next ink journal, when this one is filled up...