Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage European scenes postcards

Vintage postcards from Europe

A very generous blog reader in Connecticut sent me these postcards. If I recall correctly, the writer supposed that a relative had brought them home as souvenirs after a tour of military service overseas. Is my historical photograph/paper age sense incorrect, or do I surmise that these may date closer to WWI than WWII? I believe the scenes are from France; they are not all labeled but the ones that are seem very French. There are a couple of chateaus. (Chateaux?) I just know that they are so gorgeous I'm not even sure I'll be able to use them! My favorite one is on top, the dungeon-looking door with the light shining through... spooky yet lovely.

Unused vintage postcard, back

Here's the back of one...

Unused vintage postcards, back

...and here's another. I am honored to be the recipient of someone else's history!