Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy NCLWM!

It's really true: April is National Card and Letter Writing Month! I learned from the fine Red Letter Day that this year the "month" is extended through Mother's Day on May 11. So, as if you needed another reason to write a letter (or a card), now you have it.

As for my little March Madness challenge, my final tally was 122: 71 letters and 51 postcards. I did that in actually 5 weeks, not 4. It was sort of fun keeping the stats, but I'm not sure if that sort of posting is annoying. Is that a bit precious, to list my outgoing mail stats? I'm not sure - what do readers think?

I have decided I'm going to keep my own monthly stats, for myself, but am unsure whether or not I should post them as I've been doing this past month.

What do you think, dear readers?

And go write a letter to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month!


  1. i like the idea of nclwm very much. plan to send out some letters.
    oh my blog is now at ....
    i combined all the multiple blogs i had in to one.
    hope all is well.

  2. are you kidding ? I write a card or letter everyday !! I spend a fortune in stamps too let me tell ya .

  3. You should totally keep track of all your outgoing mail! You've actually inspired me to do so and am planning to put up a little counter sometime soon. :] I still think it's beyond crazy how much post you receive, and then send right out back. Like I've told B tons of times, if there was any way I could write some of the letters for you, to help, I would! <3 Anyway, so excited for Letter-writing month! Don't know if I'll write more, but I'll certainly try! <3 <3
    - L

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Lauren -- it does kind of perk me up when I'm down and need to feel that I've accomplished something, to be able to say, oh look, I've written XX letters this month.

  5. Happy NCLWM! :)

    I like to know how much you are writing. The outgoing stats of others are always interesting!

    You can keep it like it is on the left side and everyone can read it or not :)!

  6. I love the idea of you listing your stats! It's so fun to see how much you've progressed and wonder if my letter was one of them. I don't mind the posts at all and think that the counter sounds like a fun idea :D

  7. I think you should list your stats. I have done so on my Birth of a Notion Blog. :) I don't make anymore than a monthly "wrap up" post but the stats are on the side bar :D. Go for it!

    Now If I could just start getting as much mail as you do I can boost my stats more :D

  8. I also really enjoyed seeing your stats on the sidebar. Pretty cool to see how much you could get out. :)

    I went to mail you a response today but our post office was closed, so they're probably not picking up mail again until Monday. Ugh. This isn't actually a federal holiday isn't it? (And why does my school get Good Friday off? I might want to start throwing around words like "Christian conspiracy".)

    This makes me want to have a goal for April letter-writing even more, but I can't determine something. Anyone got any suggestions?

  9. I too liked to hear about how your goal was progressing. It was inspiring.

  10. I really like the idea of keeping track of mail in numbers. I keep track of everything I send and where it goes to in a little journal as well as blogging it, but you've inspired me to keep track in number to. Although my mail is no where near as voluminous as yours!

    I also really love your blog, I know that's a bit tacky to say, but it's true :)


  11. Thanks for your compliments, Mia!

    I am thinking, from the comments, that I will just keep monthly stats and list them in the table as I did for March. I will update to April shortly.