Friday, August 19, 2011

Check out the latest Sandbook pen pal magazine - I'm in it!


Remember the blog post I did last month for Sandbook magazine? It showcased all 6 of my new postcard designs.

Well, it's hit the internet newsstands!

Hop on over to to download the latest issue. (I'm on page 12.) If you read many letter blogs, this will be well worth your while, because you'll also see great articles from the following fellow mail bloggers (all linked in my blog sidebars, too!):

  • Send More Mail
  • Confessions of a Pen Thief
  • Bywater Wisdom
  • The Pen Pal Project
  • It's a Pen Pal World

  • It's full of lovely photos and other great mail-related articles and ads - give yourself plenty of time to explore it, it's pretty packed. (Warning: it also has lots of great photos of delicious food, so don't read it when you're hungry.)

    My thanks to Raia for the opportunity to crow about my postcard designs in this great magazine.

    Go to to download August issue in PDF format.