Monday, August 15, 2011

A very odd Monday

Monday is usually my biggest mail day.

Every now and again, a day will come when I get no mail - often a Tuesday, maybe a Saturday - but NEVER a Monday...

...until today! Today was my first mail-free Monday in years. Something funky must be up with the sorting, as the friendly folks at my UPS store who answered my frantic queries ("WHAT? Did the mail not get sorted? Where are all my letters and postcards??") said that it startled them, too, because the only mail that came into the whole store today, with hundreds of mailboxes (my UPS store box is similar to a P.O. Box, except that I can get any kind of delivery including UPS and FedEx, and they're significantly more service-oriented), was packages and magazines.

Go figure.

All of Rhode Island mail is sorted in Providence, so I wonder if my fellow Rhode Islanders had the same issue today, or if it's specific to my area.

It's got me a little bummed out, but it's not like I don't have a HUUUUGE backlog of fun mail to keep me busy anyway. And hey, tomorrow will be a BIG mail Tuesday.

(Or else I really will be biting my fingernails!)