Friday, August 5, 2011

Simpsons postcards


Although I don't have a TV, I am a huge fan of the animated series "The Simpsons." It's a long story, but I find their brand of humor brilliant. So when I stumble across out-of-print Simpsons postcard books, I snatch them up. This postcard of a surfing Bart (doesn't that wave look Japanese?) was US-1097163 sent to the Netherlands.


The next two postcards come from a much older set, circa 1990, when the Simpsons were still quite young as a TV series. It even includes characters who died, like Bleeding Gums Murphy. All those postcards are single-spot mug-shot character studies like this one. This sweet little Maggie card went out as US-881455 to Poland.


And of course the great Homer! He went out as US-952533 to Russia. Favorite snack: pork rinds lite! Ewwww!