Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Countdown to Postcrossing 500 giveaway


As of this moment (10:45am on 24 August 2011), I have all 17 of my Postcrossing postcards traveling. This shows you where they're traveling... and only 3 more of these puppies need to arrive to reach my 500 sent (well, registered, really, as I've sent well over 500 by now) marker!

Once I hit 500 registered, as I hinted last week, I will do a giveaway of postcards from my etsy shop. I'll announce the milestone and the giveaway officially, and at that point interested parties can register...

...but I'm looking at this traveling list and getting awfully curious! Which of these will be #500? I guess it's statistically possible that one I have even yet to send will be the magic postcard, since some things travel awfully slowly...

My personal opinion? It WON'T be the one to China. I predict that one is fated for expiration.

Any guesses? This is NOT the official giveaway contest, I'm just feeling like a guessing game will be fun right now.