Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog reader letters have me all verklempt

I just returned from a short little weekend getaway, and of course I was eager for the mail call haul. Awaiting me in my fresh batch (7 letters today!) were two from blog readers from whom I'd not heard before.

I love every single letter I receive; each one has its own special joy. I got two today from people I know in real life - one a dear friend and one a dear relative - and those are all kinds of special, as well as the amazing people with whom I've started up correspondences through the Fountain Pen Network, the Letter Writers Alliance, The Letter Exchange, Flickr, other blogs, and other miscellaneous sources.

But I have to kvell for a minute about the absolute surprise of an unexpected letter from a stranger. Aside from the thrill it provides to me immediately, it proves to me that this blog is fulfilling its mission: encouraging everyone to write letters and keep letter-writing alive! It proves that there really is a dedicated base of letter writers out there, and I am so humbled that I get to be the recipient of some of them.

Thanks to anyone for writing to me, and thanks to everyone for writing to each other, or for writing to anyone else! Every letter sent is just a little packet of loveliness, a kind of altruistic gift. Certainly it's good karma. :-)

Thanks to Z. in Canada and B. in Germany for today's treats. Photos of your fantastic letters will be showing up here in the future!

(Sorry no photos tonight. It's late and I'm tired and bed is calling soon.)