Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm a cheetah

Prowling cheetah

I'm a cheetah because I'm "cheating" with this post. (Get it? Cheater? Cheetah? Oh gravy, but I do love a good pun.) This isn't a letter photo, and it has no connection to letters or snail mail except to illustrate proof that I am far away from home and my letters.

No, I'm not in Africa - this photo was taken in the Kansas City Zoo. I hope it will hold you for a while, dear blog readers, while I am away from home. I will try to post at a distance, and promise to be home and updated with my usual missive posts in just a few days. (Don't try to rob my house, my husband is still at home. Ha.) And for those of you who have wonderful blogs of your own that I follow - I'm WAAAY behind in my blog reading, too. But I'm having fun doing things like watching fabulous cheetahs. Hope you're having fun (and writing letters), too.