Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm a cheetah

Prowling cheetah

I'm a cheetah because I'm "cheating" with this post. (Get it? Cheater? Cheetah? Oh gravy, but I do love a good pun.) This isn't a letter photo, and it has no connection to letters or snail mail except to illustrate proof that I am far away from home and my letters.

No, I'm not in Africa - this photo was taken in the Kansas City Zoo. I hope it will hold you for a while, dear blog readers, while I am away from home. I will try to post at a distance, and promise to be home and updated with my usual missive posts in just a few days. (Don't try to rob my house, my husband is still at home. Ha.) And for those of you who have wonderful blogs of your own that I follow - I'm WAAAY behind in my blog reading, too. But I'm having fun doing things like watching fabulous cheetahs. Hope you're having fun (and writing letters), too.


  1. What an absolutely beautiful creature! Enjoy yourself!

  2. [grin] Ah....Miss Maven....'cheetah', 'cheater' - it's only a pun in New England!

  3. It works as a pun in parts of the south and the midwest, too.

  4. Looks like you're having a great time! Your cheetah/cheater comment reminds me of a story: One time, my parents were playing cards with my aunt and uncle. The men were having one conversation, while the women were having another. At some point the conversations got crossed. Someone in the midst of it all answered a question with the answer of "July." My uncle became uncharacteristically quiet. When the conversations continued around him, he finally spoke up, "Why did you say I lied?" he demanded to know. They had to back-track through the conversations to figure out what he was talking about. All had a good laugh afterwards and for many years now. Have a good vacation!